Saturday, November 17, 2007

USA 1-0 South Africa

USA Vs South Africa was the feature match for the Nelson Mandela cup, and the final result was USA 1-0 South Africa. A great performance by the side which travelled all the way from America. Some superb soccer was played today, and the USA will be very happy with their performance.

South Africa are the hosts for the Soccer World Cup in 2010, and have recently obtained the most successful coach in soccer history, Carlos Alberto Parreira. The new South African coach will receive a salary of up to 200,000 USD every month leading up to the World Cup 2010. The USA will be extremely happy with their victory against South Africa in todays soccer clash.

USA Vs South Africa started like every other soccer match, with both teams looking good at the start, but it was the USA who had a breakthrough and scored in the first half. The goal came from S. Cherundolo (USA) in the 28th minute. The final score was USA 1-0 South Africa.

The USA have often been criticized about their addition to world soccer, but today they put on a great display to show the world what they are capable of. The USA have managed to defeat South Africa and will now be given the Nelson Mandela cup, the head coach commented after the game saying he can't wait to come back to South Africa for the confederations cup next year, and then the Soccer World Cup 2010.

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